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Travel Tips Adjusted for an At-Home Christmas

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Well, like most others, our holiday travel plans changed because of you know what. We intended to fly from Providence to Chicago, Chicago to Phoenix, and Phoenix back to Boston (on a red-eye) which would have been a feat in itself with a four-month-old. After a few cases within my family popped up, we decided the best choice was to do an at-home Christmas this year. That being said, we tried to do some fun things and start some traditions we can continue with Carolynn.

We went to the Gillette Stadium light show The Magic of Lights, got our tree from a local farm, made homemade ornaments, Christmas Eve service (online), matching pajamas for everyone including Porter, took Polaroids, pancakes for breakfast Christmas Day and attempted homemade (gluten-free) banquet for the first time.


I did start a process for packing that I think would have been practical for all our trips. We do intend to attempt a trip once everyone is healthy again so in the meantime I’ll share what I had organized and not used with the hope it’s helpful.

Tip 1: Make a Packing Checklist by Person
  • Start with your daily routine - I go from head to toe to remember what products or things I need to pack. I do this for myself and everyone else in the family, even Porter.

  • This may seem excessive but I put EVERYTHING on my lists, here's a template if you wanted to use it for yourself!

Tip 2: Pack in Clear Bags or Packing Cubes
  • Pack outfits in bags together if you have certain things you want to be worn together, especially for little ones. This way anyone can help with getting ready without having to dig through a suitcase of mismatched items.

Tip 3: Utilize a Carry-on Bag
  • If you're a nervous flyer like me, use a carry-on to make sure all the essentials are with you in case of a lost bag. Especially with the chaos of traveling nowadays, extra outfits for baby, mom & dad don't hurt to fit if you can!

Tip 4: Label Your Containers

Tip 5: Clean Before You Leave
  • Not a necessity, but always nice to come home to a clean house and fresh sheets

    • Clean Kitchen

    • Empty Trash / Recycling

    • Wash Bedding / Towels

What are your favorite holiday traditions, new or old?

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