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Preparing For a Newborn, Round Two

Well, we're officially in the third trimester which means it's ok to panic, right?

I reached out on Instagram to see what parents would say are "must-have" items for their newborn:

We've started setting up the baby's nursery for my sanity. Though let's be honest, Carolynn didn't sleep in her own room until she was six months old... so we'll see how soon this baby gets moved to their room. So far we've taken a similar approach to how we're setting up the nursery the second time around. The biggest thing to work around this time is that we don't have any closet space. When we moved to this house the room we're using had a teeny closet that you could fit a rolling suitcase in but very little else. Rather than having to bend over or crawl into a teeny closet, we opted to convert it to a built-in dresser/drawer system instead. Creative storage is always fun to try to figure out, with our drawers, dresser, and Container Store over-the-door storage I think we're in a pretty good spot.

This is all still a work in progress, but here is what we have so far:

I think it's normal to feel this way, but the anxiety that is coming with the anticipation of a new baby is something special. Carolynn and Baby S #2 will be about 21 months apart... thankfully our girl LOVES babies, but the worry about how she'll feel with a new permanent roommate isn't something that I'm taking lightly. I know they will end up being best little buddies, but the worry about how she'll handle us dividing our time is increasing by the day.

I've seen some good tips on how to introduce new siblings to big sister and I'm not worried so much about how that will go, the worry is more centered around how Carolynn (and Porter if we're being completely honest) will handle realizing that their new roommate is a permanent addition and not a temporary visitor.

If you've gone through this before, especially with 2 under 2, what were the best tips you were given or things you learned during the experience for how to make things as seamless as possible?

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