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Our Gender Neutral "Safari" Nursery

If you know me at all you know that pink is less than a favorite color of mine. So the fact that we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl really didn't impact our choices on nursery color. If Carolynn decides she wants a princess-themed, pink, ruffles, and glitter room when she can tell me that, by all means, we'll deck that room out in pink from tip to toe. But until then.... we go with mama's color scheme.



I had an idea of what I wanted to do for the nursery in general, but I will say, there was pressure to make it "Pinterest-Perfect". I love how things turned out, though I find myself still mentally redecorating every time I sit in the room, so, for now, this is what things look like. A dark green accent wall with light grey surrounding walls. Gold accents in curtain rod, mirrors, and frames with an awesome Ruggable safari rug. The crib we kept as white from Wayfair and the final major piece of furniture was the rocking chair we purchased from Target but not before testing it out at the store first. I wasn't originally thinking of going with the "safari" theme but once the rug was in place and Carolynn's relatives started gifting her with elephant & giraffe stuffed animals, the theme kind of just appeared on its own.

As with any baby room, storage is a must. Before converting the bedroom into Carolynn's safari oasis, we had already gutted both closets and customized each with Boston Closets which is the same style as the California Closet brand. From there we added cube storage from IKEA to house her copious amount of books, burp cloths, toys and blankets. The final piece to the storage puzzle was the dresser which I of course then labeled each drawer with my label maker to represent the month range that stored Carolynn's clothes. We added the Keekaroo Changing Peanut on top so it was a dual purpose changing table/dresser.


Here are some easy links to all of the major items in Carolynn's nursery! I would highly recommend any and all of them. We have had zero complaints so far with quality or usability... and of course, everything is cohesive and looks adorable. Bonus points there.


BuyBuy Baby


Home Depot






We had so much fun working on this nursery for Carolynn. Maybe someday (when she's 30) I'll actually move her into her room. All of the links above are also saved on our Instagram Highlight for "Nursery" for easy access!

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