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Infant Baptism at 1-Year-Old

Well, we should have known better than to think that Carolynn's baptism (the day after her birthday & party) would go off completely without a hitch.

She decided that weekend that she did NOT want anyone other than mama to hold her. Not the best scenario for needing to hand her to the pastor who would then hand her back to dad afterward. Why it didn't cross our minds I really don't know, but our girl loves water. Particularly splashing in the water. Baptisms are done with water. At our church, with a basin of water, one that is able to be reached by said splash-loving baby.

The benefit of this is that Carolynn was distracted by playing in the water which stopped the tears. The negative is that it brought even more attention to the stage where the social anxiety-ridden mother was already feeling her face burn.

Overall though things couldn't have gone better. We sat in a row where someone had their service dog with them which made Carolynn's day. Then after church, we had family and some friends over for some delicious food and played in Carolynn's new bounce house!



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