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Camping 8 Months Pregnant + Maternity Shoot 2.o

Every year for as long as I can remember we have gone on a family camping trip to Glen Ellis, NH in the Fall. I really didn't want to give up this tradition even though during the time we typically choose to go I would be 8 months pregnant. What was my compromise? Making my parents, Ryan and Porter all camp out in the backyard in our tents. As you can imagine they were thrilled, especially since we've had pretty much the rainiest summer on record.

As you can see from the photos, it did rain... but it stopped around dinner time so we were able to salvage the excursion. We made grilled chicken, corn on the cobb and baked potatoes to eat by the fire topped off with some campfire s'mores.

Maternity Shoot 2.0 because 1 just isn't enough. We decided to book our wedding photographer Matt Ferarra for a second photoshoot so we could include the real star of the show, Porter. Below is a selection of some of our favorites. You can't tell from our faces but all three of us, four really, were fighting off the mosquitos, bugs and who knows what else that were swarming in the freshly dampened grass and plants from once again, our lovely summer weather.

I have to give full credit to our friends the Raposo's for sending us the pin drop to this location in Hopedale. It was absolutely perfect, minus the bugs. And once again Pink Blush Maternity saving the day with the most comfortable maternity clothes that I've tried to date.

Keeping it short and sweet this time as we enter the home stretch to baby Stock's arrival, (Currently 38.5 weeks as I'm writing this) time truly does fly. The next post will more than likely be us announcing baby Stock's arrival which still seems like a dream to us. Stay tuned for more soon!

<3 The Stock Family

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