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Anxiety, Stress & Being a Parent

Being a parent, especially a first-time parent, obviously comes with some learning curves. Everyone tells you, "you have no idea what you're in for" or many different variations of that saying. And well, that's true. The stress of adjusting your life, your body, your mind, and basically everything you've ever known to now take care of (and figuring out how to take care of) a life, other than a pet, is nothing less than overwhelming.

Thoughts that go through your mind, maybe I'm alone in this who knows, about the insane possibilities of things that could happen to your child, 99% of which are completely unfounded and unrealistic is shocking.

Things like:

  • If the airplane window opens while we're flying I can block the window with my body to protect her

  • She won't take a bottle, what if my milk supply drops and she can't eat

  • What if the pediatrician sees dog hair on her (in all the places, because it happens) will they judge me

  • Is she underweight

  • Is she learning things quick enough, progressing how she should

  • What if my car automatically locks somehow with her inside (why I always leave one door cracked when I put her in the car in the driveway)

  • Is she trying enough new foods and getting the nutrition she needs

  • When we go for a walk, is someone paying attention to our routine and going to follow us

... among many other things.

There’s a mom on TikTok (@annaleegrace15) who had posted videos similar to the above which are quite comical and all to relatable. Here is a link to that playlist, let me know if you can relate.

I know for myself the most consuming and consistent stress I feel is about feeding. Any time we have an off day of breastfeeding I instantly worry about my supply (I reference this in my last post as well) especially since Carolynn still doesn’t like bottles. Even though I know in my heart and mind one day really won’t have a large impact, in the moment that rational is out the door.

I just try to remind myself that the fact that I’m stressed or anxious over something is just because I love her so much. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her or for her to be hungry when it’s something I control for her. Long story short the reason I share this is because this past weekend after talking to other moms about some of these things, it’s just really nice to know you’re not alone. Even if it’s something that may seem silly more than likely another mom has had the same thought or gone through the same thing.

Love your baby and do your best. That’s all you can do. You got this mama.

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